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Organizing Office Trips

Every year, most corporate firms organize a weekend getaway for its employees. This is an exercise done to boost the morale of the persons working at the office, to give them a break and more importantly, to give the employees a chance to interact outside of the office environment. This form of interaction is expected to increase team spirit and better communication within the company through better communication channels and networks being built up. Here are a few tips to organizing the event.

Stretch the budget

Although office pays the bill, you will still be given relatively strict budget guideline to follow. Although your peers will be expecting a five star hotel, at the average prices, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to cover that many, at that price. However, when booking places as large group, there usually is the numbers advantage. Also, there are months in which business is slow in resorts, like November and May. However, depending on your geographic locations and local festivals, these dates would change. Find out these months in which resort prices are low and then book. Also, you may be able to discuss with the hotel and arrange for a separate cheaper buffet for your office if you are really tight on cash. For about a hundred people, they would be willing to do so.

Another aspect through which you can stretch the budget, it either by not providing them transport, or by providing transport via buses and trains. If the resort isn’t too far away you can ask your employees to drive there. Those who do not have a car can simply car pool or Dubai rent a car for the day and share the cost with a few others.

If you are providing transport, it would be better to stick to public transport channels such as trains, however, making a special booking for a few separate carriages will be necessary. There are also luxury bus rentals which will not be so hard on the budget, but will allow you to have private transportation to and from the resort.

The Events

Simply going to a hotel with that many people will become dull after some time. Thus, you will be required to organize events to keep your peers entertained. Since this trips underlying motive is to build networks, playing a few games and having team building exercises will be extremely beneficial. At night you can throw a party, and in some cases, the hotels have provided the DJ for it, free of charge.

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