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The Jobs We Work

One of the biggest problems that employers face at the end of the month when it comes to calculating the salary he owes his workers would be: their presence and absence, how if they have come on time and assessing their work done. Some tend to do a good job on time, some may submit work they had done half-heartedly with no dedication while some may actually work with passion but fail to turn in their work at the right time. Regardless, all factors needs to be assessed before a final answer if given, and this answer being the monthly payment.

To talk of Payment

Certain companies work with a fixed salary, some tend to work with varying salaries and while other firms actually work with a percentage of a fixed salary and the remainder depending on how well the employee had worked. It call comes down to how the payment negotiation had been done at the start of the occupation and as to how the employee-employer policy applies in the company. Each field is different and every company in the same field is never alike. There may be similarities or differences for the good or for the bad, it all varies. If one is not too pleased with the amount he manages to earn monthly, he could have a formal discussion with his employer after conducting some minor research as to find if his payment rate is fair for the profession he does when compared to others in the same field of work.

Doing the Job

Well of course you can never expect to just give your work a few tries and accomplish it as you can, you need to work with passion and dedication. So that the person in charge could assess the work done and come to a conclusion if to be pleased or ask the Human Resources Department to have a word with the employee. When speaking of punctuality, most employers have now chosen to have time attendance system Dubai installed at the entrance way of a company doorway to keep track of what time each employee arrives and leaves work.

This as well as the step to have cameras placed in places by professional CCTV installation companies so that there is recorded footage of the employees working and going about their work day.

Ensuring that the work is done

Taking certain ones of these precautions may seem like a mental highlighted billboard that states the employer does not trust his employees but these actions are essential. There needs to be considerable proof if an employee is not doing his job as told and there also needs to be evidence made available for a worker if he was to defend himself against any false accusations. In such a way, having everything recorded and stored in a database, is a good move. Not only so it is more convenient to keep track of the deserving monthly payment but also so that the employees could for themselves see what they had done.

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