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Tips On Moving Your Family To A Different Town

Moving forwards in a career or taking chances with life is most often considered a good thing. After all, this opens a portal to new opportunities and exciting new adventures. It means a new house, new neighbors, new friends; it also gives you the opportunity to be a “new you”, if you want it.
Unfortunately, when you have kids involved, all these things that grown up generally consider exciting and new; is considered terrifying and strange by them. To them it means being pulled out of the familiar, and put into a brand new place where they have to be the “new kid” again. It means leaving behind old friends, and being friendless—at least until they find new ones. If you are planning on moving your family to a new town, and want to do it causing minimum damage to your child; then here are our suggestions on how to do so.
Plan ahead for your move.
Without the kids around, this would generally mean being organized with packing and informing the house movers well ahead of time. Yes, these still apply to you. But along with this, you also need to be well prepared with things that concern your children. Being informed about the best doctors and babysitter services before moving can help a great deal. And confirming a school (and a place for your child in it) prior to moving is definitely wiser than struggling to find one once you move.
Go the DIY way when packing children’s things.
Most moving companies now-a-days come with packing services; making packing up homes a breeze. But when it comes to your child’s possessions, we suggest you do the packing yourself. This not only assures that you know exactly where things are (having a list of items pasted in the boxes definitely helps here!), but it also gives you the opportunity to purge those items your child no longer needs. Broken, hardly played with toys, clothes they’ve grown out of, childhood handworks; these can all be thrown out. Cradles, child furniture and things that can be still used can be either donated or sold. The more things you get rid of, the less you have to pack.
Give them something to be excited about.
Now that you have gotten rid of the unwanted, you can use that money to buy your child things to make their move more exciting. Something like a new flat-screen TV or an iPad will benefit everyone in the family. Likewise, you can research your new home’s surroundings and neighboring areas to find exciting things to do. Parks, playgrounds, swimming holes and even malls; any place that brings out your child’s smile. Make plans to visit these places within weeks of moving into your new home.
Remind your children that communication isn’t so hard today; their friends are only a phone call away. They only have to make the effort…!

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